Top 115 Most Popular Muslim Baby Names In 2022

Hii, Are you looking for Muslim Baby Names?? No worries, I have created the top 115 awesome names to pick instantly for your baby. Check out the list below. The list contains Name, Meaning of name, and Gender. You will not find a hard time finding the name from the list. Get your Muslim Baby Names today.

1IsrarNocturnal JourneM
2AfsanaStory, Fable, Fiction, RomanceF
3AltamashName Of A Famous KingM
4SuhaanVery GoodM
5IramBright, Garden In Heaven, The Paradise Of Shadad, EdenF
6MuskanSmile, HappyF
7SaadGood Luck, Good Fortune, Success, Happiness, Prosperity, LuckyM
8AwaisNaim Of A SaintM
9AleenaSilk Of Heaven, Beautiful, Fair, Good-LookingF
10MishaalTorch, LighM
11HammadOne Who Praises (Allah) Abundantly, Praising (Allah)M
13SufyanOld Arabic NameM
14FatimaWeaner, Accustom, AbstinenceF
15UzmaGreatest, More Magnificent, Supreme, More GloriousF
16FarhanGlad, Happy, Joyful, Cheerful, DelightedM
17WaqasWarrior, A Companion, WarlikeM
18HamdanThe Praised One, The One Who Lauds, ExtolsM
21UmamaGrand Daughter Of The Prophet MuhammadF
22AnishaDeep Thinker, Sensitive, High, Close, Intimate, Good Friend, ContinuousF
23Arwa#Satisfied, #Pleasant, FreshF
24IqraTo Recite, Study, ReadF
25Zainab#Generous, Name Of A Beautiful Tree Exuding Fragrance, Decorated Or Ornamented TreeF
27InaayaGift Of AllahF
29IzyanIntelligent, Wise, One Who Possesses WisdomM
30JunaidSoldier, Young Fighter, Worrier Whose Strength Is Equal To A Small ArmyM
31ShoaibA Prophets NameM
32ShahzaibCrown Of A King, Like A KingM
33RabiyaSpring, Springtime, Garden, Princess, Queen Fem Of RabiF
35SalmanHealthy, Safe, Mild, Affable, PerfectM
36ImranMother Of Jesus,Population, CivilizationM
37MudassirWrapped In, Enveloped, One Of The Names Of MuhammadM
39MuntahaThe Utmost, Highest DegreeF
40ParizadOf Divine Origin, Born Of The FairieM
42ReshmaGolden Silk, ExpensivF
43TabrezChallenging, Showing OpenM
44ArshDominion, Crown, Sky, RoofM
45ParvezSuccess, Name Of A Persian KingM
46ShaziaRare, Extraordinary, Strange, Wonderful, AromaticF
47AsharWise, Prudent, One Who Has WisdomM
49NomanMen With All Blessings Of Allah, BloodM
51ArshiyaFairy, Abode Of Allah, Lives In Skies, HeavenlyF
52InayaConcern, SolicitudeF
53HamnaPurple Or Black Grape A Fruit – BerryF
54ZeeshanPompous, High In Dignity, #Splendid, MagnificentM
55FizaWide, Open, Open Hearted, Enlarger, Improver, Who Expands, MagnifierF
56MahiraSkilled, Skilful, Proficient, EnergeticF
57AnamtaYou Have Blessed, It Is A Phrase Taken From Surat Al-Fatiha, The Speech Is Directed At GodF
58MohidThe One Who Believes In Oneness Of Allah AlmightyM
59ZiyanElegance, #Beauty, Decoration, #Ornament, From ZeenatF
60UmaizaAdorable, Bright, Beautiful, Soft HeartedF
61ArfaExalted, Sublime, Great, HighF
63ZoyaLoving & Caring, Alive, Life And JoyousF
64ShayanSuitalbe, Desirable, Suited, Worthy, Eligible, FitM
65JaveriaName Of Prophet Muhammads WifeF
66TaimurA Famous King, IronM
67LaibaAngel Of HeaveF
68AnayahAllah Ka InamF
69RabailA Veil Of FlowersF
70AnasFriend, Affection, Love, Very SociableM
71SahilRiver Bank, Coast, GuideM
72ZohaibLeader, KingM
73AqsaHeight, Limit, Shore, Remote, FarthestF
74ShawaizSpeak MelodiousM
75SameerCompanion In Nightly Conversation, EntertaineM
76ZaidAbundance, Increase, Increment, Superabundance, Addition, Excess, Surplus, GrowthM
77SumaiyaPure, Exalted, HighF
78AizahThe Daughter Of Hazrat Ali (A.S)F
79AffanFather Of Caliph Usman, Forgiving PersonM
80HasnainThe Two Hasans, Hasan And HusainM
81HifzaProtective AngelF
82MahadGreat, NiceM
83HuzaifaAn Old Arabic Name, Short-staturedM
85AlishbaLovely, Innocent, PrettyF
86AlishaAllah, Honesty, Truthful, Mazbooti Say Baandhna, Strong TieF
88AlaynaRock, PrincessF
89HarmainSacred, Holy, ProhibitedM
90ShazilRoyalty BeautyM
92MinalPrecious Gem, #Stone, #Gift, AchievementF
93AnabiaDoor Of JannatF
95NimraSoft, LionF
96AarizLeader, Ruler, Leader Of NationM
97ShazainBrave, SkillfulM
98AlizaThe Daughter Of Ali RAF
99ArhamMerciful, Kind, GenerousM
100ZohanGift From GodM
101Harshitbeautiful, friend, colleagueM
102Jawadliberal, eternal, jawadM
104Kiyankings, royalM
105Abdul Latifservant of the kind, all-gentle (allah)M
106Daeejone who has large beautiful eyesM
107Farazcomfort, relief, ease, reposeM
110Hakamarbitrator, judgeM
111Ahyangift of godM
112Basharbringer of glad tidings, human beingM
113Daghfalname of ibn-hanzalahM
114Abwanone whose face glowsM
115Basitvast, spacious, one who stretches, enlargesM

I hope you have chosen the best name for your Muslim Baby Names from the above list.