All Sony Marathi TV Serials CastAll Sony Marathi TV Serials Cast

If you are here and reading this article, it means you are searching for the Sony Marathi TV Serials of All Time. If yes, then you are at the correct place.

Here in this article, we have brought the All Sony Marathi TV Serials List with Star Cast Names.

All Sony Marathi TV Serials Cast With Actress List

Sony Marathi is one of the Top TV Platforms in the Marathi TV Industry. It telecasts tv serials in the Marathi Language.

Sony Marathi has a huge fan following across the Indian audience. Mostly, drama content and family genre tv serials are telecasts on this channel.

But, along with them, there are a lot of genres of tv serials telecast here.

VaidehiAjunahi Barsaat Aahe, and Gatha Navnathanchi tv serials are the most famous and superhit tv serials on Sony Marathi.

Here below is the complete list of all Sony Marathi TV Serials of All Time. So, Take a cup of tea and read this article patiently.

Ti Parat Aaliye TV Serial Cast

Pallavi PatilPallavi Patil
Trushna ChandratreN/A
Sayali DeodharN/A

Ajunahi Barsaat Aahe TV Serial Cast

Pallavi VaidyaN/A
Dipali JadhavN/A
Mukta BarveMukta Barve
Umesh KamatN/A
Nikhil RajeshirkeN/A
Sanket KorlekarN/A
Purva PhadakeN/A
Samidha GuruN/A
Uma SardeshmukhN/A
Rajan BhiseN/A
Mihir RajdaN/A
Suhita ThatteN/A
Rajan TamhaneN/A
Sachin DeshpandeN/A
Sharmila ShindeN/A

Assa Maher Nako G Bai TV Serial Cast

Rucha ApteN/A
Pushkaraj ChirputkarN/A
Supriya PathareN/A
Swanandi TikekarSwanandi Tikekar
Rajan BhiseN/A

Shrimantaa Gharchi Sunn TV Serial Cast

Aishwarya NarkarN/A
Falguni RajaniFalguni Rajani
Mansi SinghN/A
Rupal NandN/A
Yashoman ApteN/A
Avinash NarkarN/A

Gatha Navnathanchi TV Serial Cast

Jayesh ShewalkarN/A
Shantanu GanganeN/A
Nakul GhanekarN/A

Swarajya Janani Jijamata TV Serial Cast

Bhargavi ChirmuleN/A
Amruta PawarAmruta Pawar
Neena KulkarniN/A
Amol KolheN/A
Shantanu MogheN/A
Roshan VichareN/A

Dnyaneshwar Mauli TV Serial Cast

Smita ShewaleSmita Shewale
Sachin DeshpandeSachin Deshpande

Kusum TV Serial Cast

Shivani BaokarShivani BaokarKusum
Arti MoreN/AN/A
Ajinkya NanawareN/AN/A


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