Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Top 100 Most Popular Sikh Baby Names In 2022

Hii, Are you looking for Sikh Baby Names?? No worries, I have created the best 100 awesome names to pick instantly for your Sikh Baby Names. Check out the list below. The list contains Name, Meaning of name, and Gender. Get your lovely Sikh Baby Names name today.

Sr NoBaby NameMeaningGender
1DharamdeepLamp Of ReligionM
2BishanpalRaised By GodM
3HamreetBeloved Of God, Friend Of GodF
4DatarThe Kind GodM
5DatarpreetGod’s LoveF
6BirindarThe Brave GodM
7DharampreetLove Of FaithM&F
8SulakhanVirtuous, MeritoriousM
9HitenderLight Of GodM
11DevasheeshBlessing Of GodM
12BhupinderpalPreserved By GodM
13BalvanPowerful And MightyM
14BakhsheeshThe Blessed OneM
15SantaExalted PersonM
16SukhjotLight Of PeaceM
17DharamsheelHoly, Religious, PiousM
18meditative mindLove For GodM
19SukhmeetThe Peace Giving FriendM
20BhagatveerThe Brave Devotee Of GodM
22BeeyatchCreation Of GodF
23VijenderGod Of Bravery, Triumph Of GodM
24SukhjeetRemaining In PeaceM
25SatinderpalProtected By God Of TruthM
26SimranpreetLovingly Remembering GodM
27HarbinderAbsorbed In GodM
28SukhleenAbsorbed In Joy Of God’s LoveM
29SangatAssociating With Holy CongregationM
30SumatOne With Wise IntellectM
31BhavjeetOne Who Swims Across The Dreadful World OceanM
32SarabjotAll Pervading LightM
33ShabadLamp, Light Of The Holy WordM
34BahadarOne Who Is Brave And CourageousM
35DevjeetGod’s TriumphM
36HartejRadiance Of GodM
37IshleenAbsorbed In The AlmightyF
38InderdeepLight Of GodM
39SantokhContented, Peaceful And PatientM
41RajdevGod’s SovereignM
42YadvinderLord KrishnaM
44EkambirOne Brave GodM
45PraneetaLed Forward, Conducted, Advanced, PromotedF
46SobhaGlorious, VirtuousM
47OpinderNearness To GodM
48SukhrajKing Of PeaceM
49SukhchainThe One Who Is Peaceful And CalmM
50PrabhsimranAdmiration Of GodM
51CharandeepLight Of GodM
52CharanpreetGod’s FeetM
53HarbinCourageous Like GodM
56SamvirSamrat, #KingM
57EkjotGod Is OneM
58BachittarA Person With Wondrous MeritsM
60SuratOf Awakened ConsciousnessM
61EkampreetLove For One’s GodM
64Laveneetworld protectorM
65BaltejOne With Glorious MightM
66SurjitImmortal, Godly PersonM
67SukhbirWarrior Of PeaceM
69Amitpallimitless protectorM
70Kiranjotenlightened by meditationF
71SukhveerWarrior Of PeacM
72PushpinderGod Of FlowersM
73SatbirThe True WarriorM
74SukhdevGod Of PeaceM
75BeantEndless, Limitless, BoundlessM
76JapmanMeditative mindM
77SatnamOne Accepting God’s Being As TrueM
79Gobinderlord of the kingM
80BishanImmaculate God, #Lord VishnuM
81RanjitThe Conqueror Of The BattleM
82Kableenworship to godF
84SukhpreetOne Who Values Inner Peace And JoyM
85SamrathMighty And PowerfulM
87DeepThe Lamp Of LightM
88Livkamalabsorbed in lotus feet of godM
89Bhavjeetone who swims across the dreadful world oceanM
90Bimalpalpreserver of purityM
91Jespalpraise of the glorious protectorM
92Jagtarone who ferries people across the world-oceanM
93Gurdaasgurus slaveM
94Mohandeepcharming lampM&F
95Gurpremlove of guruM
96Naamrangimbued in naamM
97Indarpreetlove for godM
98Hardhyanabsorbed in the lordM
99Dilbaagheart blossomM
100Baltejone with glorious mightM
102Gianjasin praise of divine knowledgeM
103Jasmailglory with the union of godM
104Chetveerbrave and awareM
105Anoopjotbeloved of the enlightenerM
106Gurudaasservant of the guruM
107Nirbhauwithout fearM
108Maninderbirbrave lord of mindM
109Kishanpremlove for lord krishnaM
110Gurmaanheart of the guruM
112Mohinderjeetvictory of the charming kingM
113Jitenderone who has conquered the five evilsM
114Prabhjotgods lightM
115Gagandeeplight of the skyM
116Jugaadone who is there since agesM
117Gobinderjeetvictory of the lordM
118Gurinderpalpreserver of guruM
119Lakhbirbrave as hundred thousandM
120Heminderlord of goldM
121Ardamancrusher of the evilM
122Ekjotgod is oneM
123Kewalbirindependent braveM
124Akhareefrom gods wordM
125Dayawantfull of kindnessM

I hope you have chosen the best name for your Sikh Baby Names from the above list.