Hii, Are you looking for Jain Baby Names?? No worries, I have created the top 120 awesome names to pick instantly for your baby. Check out the list below. The list contains Name, Meaning of name, and Gender. You will not find any hard time in finding the name from the list. Get your Jain baby name today.

1Aanatcourteous and humbleM
2AmoghvashThis Jain god name is another name of God Ganesha.M
3Arhnaththe destroyer of enemiesM
4Aatmanhappy essence or soulM
5Ativeersomeone who is too courageous and braveM
6Bhadrabahua blessed and pious manM
7Bhamandalthe brother of Sita.M
8Bharamreputation, pride, and esteemM
9Yogendrameans the God of Yoga.M
10Yashglory or victoryM
11Yasheshpopularity and fameM
12Vrajeshone of the names of Lord KrishnaM
13Vishalmagnificent, grandeur, great, prominence, etcM
14Vinaymodest and humbleM
15Vidyasagaran ocean of learningM
16Vidyadhara person with knowledgeM
17Varshilwell behaved and goodM
18Veerrelated to Lord Mahavir, one who is braveM
19VasupujyaJain tirthankar name is related to the 12th Tirthankara of JainM
20Vasua person who is precious and divineM
21VanrajThe king of the forestM
22VardhmanJain god names connected with Lord MahavirM
23Urmishone full of emotions or feeling for everybodyM
24Urvishthe Lord of EarthM
25TrushitThis is among the cool Jain names which mean hungerM
26TirtheshThis Jaintirth name is derived from the word tirthM
27Trupalone is having an active, fun-loving and agile personalityM
28Takshila person with a strong characterM
29Suvrata person who strictly believes in religious vowsM
30Suhasha person is having a sweet smileM
31Shantichandraderived from the name ShantinathM
32Sanmatithe Jain god namesM
33Samvarone who is satisfied and contentM
34Samantbhadramanifested or bornM
35Samkitsatisfied and self-realisationM
36Sakshatone who has appeared in realM
38Rateshthe God of TruthM
39Riddheshname of Lord GaneshM
40Rasheshof Lord KrishnaM
41Parshvakumarname of ParshvanathM
42Parshwamen who are belovedM
43Parshvanaththe name of 23rdTirthankarM
44Padmanathother names of PadmaprabhuM
45Nihirthe windM
46Nandivardhanthe name of the brother of Lord MahavirM
47Nemdasthe Jaintirth names arrived from NeminathM
48Naminaththe name of 21sttirthankar.M
49Nagkumarthe son of the serpentsM
50Nabhinandanthe name of Lord Rishabhdev himself.M
51NabhikumarThis name basically is connected with Lord Rishabh.M
52Munisuvratnames of the 20thTirthankar too.M
53Munindrabest among the saintsM
54Mokshita person is feeling liberatedM
55Mrugeshstrong as the lionM
56Mallinaththe 19th name of TirthankaraM
57Kunthinathbasically connected with the 17thTirthankar.M
58Krupesha person who is kind for everyoneM
59JineshwarGod itself, the Almighty.M
60Ileshthe Lord of EarthM
61Indrabhutirelated to GautamGandharM
62Gomtesha strong man called BahubaliM
63Gajkumarthe names of a disciple of Mahavir.M
64Firashingenuity and perceptivenessM
65Dhvanishmelody or musicM
66Dhimantintelligent and wiseM
67Dhavala fair babyM
68Dharsena famous Acharya of Jain religionM
69Dhaneshanother name of God Kubera.M
70DeshbhushanDigambar Acharya of JainM
71Chandraprabhuthe God of MoonM
72Chamundraicommander in chief of King Gangraj.M
73Chandraguptaa person protected by the MoonM
74Bhartenduthe moon of the country IndiaM
75Bharamreputation, pride, and esteemM
76Bhamandalpresent in Jain Ramayana as the brother of Sita.M
77Bhadrabahua blessed and pious manM
78Ativeersomeone who is too courageous and braveM
79Aatmanhappy essence or soulM
80Arhnaththe destroyer of enemiesM
81Amoghvashanother name of God GaneshaM
82Aanatcourteous and humbleM
83Dhishadirection or particular side.F
84Dharinithe earth itselfF
85Devanshidivine power.F
86Darshikaa person who is wise and intelligent.F
87Divyaprabhadivine lustreF
88Dharaearth, and flowF
89Indranithe wife of God IndraF
90Jwalamalinia jain Yakshini or flame tooF
91Jinaliaanother name of Lord Vishnu.F
92Jayanaa power that leads to victoryF
93Kushmandinione of the Jains Yakshini mentioned in the epics or Puranas.F
94Khushalisomeone with celestial powers.F
95Marudeviname of the mother of Lord Rishabhdev.F
96MrugaMruga is a name which means a birdF
97Mitidate are much popular.F
98Nitalia girl who is filled with grace.F
99Nainshia beautiful lady with enchanting or beautiful eyesF
100PavaThis name is derived from the nirvana place of Lord Mahavir, PawapuriF
101Pratishtasomeone who comes with a status that is well-established.F
102Pawapuriplace where nirvana was attained by Lord Mahavir.F
103Purtipurification or completionF
104Ritvicorrect guidance, Indian lady priest, and scholar too.F
105Rajmatiname of the fiancée of Lord Neminath.F
106Rushitaan intelligent and bright girlF
107Shubhalithe capability of becoming the best friendF
108Anerisomeone who is extraordinary.F
109Aaushicareful and knowledgeable.F
110Bramhilaare one name of Goddess SaraswatiF
111Bhrantia daydream.F
112Bhavishaone who can see the futureF
113Chitihaving a heart full of love.F
114Charmia lovely girlF
115Chakreshwarithe name of a Yakshini.F
116Champapuria flower named Champa that gives fragrance.F
117Chelanaawareness. It is the name of the wife of King Shrenik.F
118Shitalone who is calm, cold or coolF
119Sumangalathe wife of Rishabhdev means converting everything good.F
120Trushticomplete satisfactionF


I hope you have chosen the best name for your Jain baby from the above list.